Thanks for trying WeLearn! This document highlights major and minor changes to the extension and web app.

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WeLearn is available as a prototype quality software, which essentially means that there are bugs, missing features, and incomplete user experience.

Here is what’s new in this version of WeLearn App:


Released on 2021-06-23

Hey! This is my last release on WeLearn Project as I move on to a new opportunity. Since the beginning of the project we’ve progressively added many features and got several feedback from our testers and users. I would like to thank them for the help.

I wish the project to grow further under new developers hand! I had fun.

– Prashant S (@prashnts)


  • A new dashboard page is now available. It provides a streamlined view and performance improvements.
  • You can now change the language of annotation in add-to-welearn dialog.


Released on 2021-06-01

  • You can import multiple resources from a CSV file using the new Add-to-WeLearn button.


Released on 2021-05-19

  • Now you can add resources to WeLearn directly from our website. Handy when you do not have the extension intalled.


Released on 2021-05-11

  • Browse resources similar to given resource by clicking anywhere on resource card.
  • View all the resources from a user by visiting their profile. You can access the profile by clicking on user name.
  • A new improved scraper that allows us to process pdf, and docx files as well.


Released on 2021-04-15

  • You can create groups in settings.
  • People who added resource to WeLearn can be seen in dropdown on resource cards.


Released on 2021-03-30

  • You can now vote on a resource using upvote/downvote buttons.


Released on 2021-03-02

  • You can hide the map on discover page if you wish.
  • Hashtags are listed based on which filter you have selected.


Released on 2021-01-29

  • Now when you pick a hashtag, you will see the map update to show landscape of that hashtag.
  • Bug fixes in search results.


Released on 2021-01-19

  • We improved our landing page to give a better explanation about WeLearn.


Released on 2021-01-06

In this release we’ve further improved search functionalities.

  • Search for Resources by Hashtags and Concept/Family together.
  • You can add resources from other users into your own library now.
  • Fix an issue which caused resource comment to not show up.


Released on 2020-12-15

In this release we’ve improved search experience and added the ability to see notes in your groups.

  • Status bar shows the current search state.
  • Edit your Resources and Comments.
  • See other user’s notes on the Resources.
  • Search with hashtags from your Group.


Released on 2020-12-02

  • Now you can click on concepts shown with Resources to search with that concept.


In this release:

  • You can edit your resources from discover page when you click on “My Resources”.


Released on 2020-11-18

In this release:

  • You can now add custom #hashtags to your resources.
  • You can also add notes that will be visible only to you.
  • Searching on the map now shows the concept labels you’ve selected.


This release brings a search bar. This brings new capabilities:

  • Search for Resources by text.
  • Browse resources by concepts, or portals on map.


Release Candidate

This release brings more capabilitites to the Discover Map.

  • Wikipedia Portals and Concepts on the map. Browse with Portals for more general topics, or drill down to specific resources through concepts.
  • You can share the url of the map which will keep your search, and position for everyone.

(and more!)


Released on 2020-07-01

Noticed something new in the Discover Map? Thank you! We’ve reworked the whole page and visualisation. Here’s what changed:

  • Browser support. Almost all the recent web browsers are fully supported. Including iOS Safari, Chrome on Android, and even Chromium on Raspberry Pi!
  • As you zoom in, relevant Concept labels will appear. Click on them to see all the resources tagged under that concept!
  • You can switch the map layer to see just your own resources, everything, or the curated collections.
  • Lots of bugs fixed, and we’ve improved page performance.

As always, thanks for using WeLearn. We have some interesting new features planned. Stay tuned!


Released on 2020-04-16

  • Added a progress indicator on map while it loads.
  • The map loading process should be a little bit faster now.
  • Search in dashboard is more accurate, and the resources that are Projects are now higlighted as such.


Released on 2020-04-07

Our Discover Map has evolved!

  • You can now get a link to share a view of the map.
  • Thanks to the active curation by our users, we have Featured Maps with curated resources on Covid-19 Pandemic. You can also browse the RSS feed of, and CRI Projects.
  • Map Performance improvements. As our map evolves, we are actively optimizing it to make sure it works well. Please share your feedback with us on GitHub or send us an email, please mention the type of device you’re using if possible.

While our Covid-19 map looks nice, it does not constitute a medical advice. For facts and figures, please consult official resources for Covid-19 Pandemic:

Take care of yourself, we’re all in this together. Until then #RestezChezVous!

We have more features coming soon:

  • Filtering, sorting, and searching the map.
  • Group resources based on concepts.
  • Fine tune your shared map and add labels, and share it in our featured maps.
  • A timelapse of how your map evolved.


Released on 2020-02-27

(Includes tags from v0.1.0 ~ v0.1.5)

  • Removed all the host permissions from web extension.
  • Update the Privacy Policy.
  • Added an FAQ page.
  • Tweaked Discover Map.
  • Reduced JavaScript Bundle size.
  • Fixed incorrect counts on Dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue with Groups not saving.


Released on 2020-02-24

Welcome to WeLearn v0.1.0! It’s been a while since we released an update, here’s why:

  • Real authentication system! Thanks for waiting. We’ve set up an OpenID and OAuth2 based identity service at Learning Planet. It’s powered by KeyCloak, an open source authentication system.
  • Faster and more stable Browser Extension. You may have noticed that the new Add to WeLearn interface.
  • New map layout on discover tab.
  • Sprinkles of bugfixes everywhere.

We would like to thank our users and beta testers for their feedback, bug requests, and patience. We’d also like to invite you to our GitHub repository, if you wish to contribute in any way.

PS: We’ll be switching to release faster with smaller releases and feature-only updates starting now. If you want to be notified, you may subscribe on GitHub, or check the Open Changelog when Extension updates in settings. Thank you!


Released on 2019-12-30

  • Bugfix #53: Regression in WikiPedia suggestions which don’t include the page summary. Fixed in #56.


Released on 2019-12-16

  • Bugfix #44: Labels on map are not rendered correctly if devicePixelRatio is fractional. Fixed in #51.


Released on 2019-12-11

  • A brand new Onboarding Page, designed to give a quick overview about how to use WeLearn and associated features.
  • Browse as guest. Want to evaluate WeLearn without sharing your email? Now you can browse with a demo user account.
  • The entire codebase for WeLearn Web Extension, and Web App is public. Check it out: CyberCRI/learn-ext.
  • You can disable changelogs from showing automatically in settings.

Please feel free to open new issues for any bugs or feature request on GitHub!


Released on 2019-11-26

  • You can finally Delete resources or concepts linked to the resources from your library.
  • A new version of DotAtlas. This was generously provided by DotAtlas team for WeLearn Project.
  • Few minor bug fixes.

PS: We’ll add an option to not open this page automatically when the extension updates, in the next release! Our apologies if we interrupted your workflow.

Next Up

Next release is planned soon. Major features are:

  • Secure your account with email based authentication.
  • Customise your privacy preferences.
  • We’ll further strip-down the extension and make the web-based interface default.


Released on 2019-11-22

This is a preview release.

  • Make all the resource cards open the resource url in new tab on clicks.
  • Fix a few typos in changelog (we got the email wrong.)


Released on 2019-11-18


  • A new codename: iLearn is now WeLearn.
  • Brand new Discover Tab. Use it to see your learning landscape.
  • Browse through your group, or other users’ resources on Discover.
  • Access your resources on any device, any time. We’re live at

PS: v0.0.38 and v0.0.39 were not published due to incomplete feature set, and production bugs.


Released on 2019-09-10


  • We’ve split the extension from Dashboard, Discover, and other pages from extension. This makes the browser extension light weight and allows you to browse, edit, and organise your resources on any device.
  • Dashboard is faster and loads content progressively.
  • WeLearn web-app, and extension are now available in English, French, and Hindi. If you speak another language, and would like to help translate WeLearn, let us know!

Build Information

If you run into some error or bugs, please let us know! Please include the information below to help us with debugging.

Version: 0.12.0

Build: 1e94a48

Branch: master

Date: 06/23/21 14:11:59