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Curate your Library with WeLearn Extension.

When you find a resource you like, click the anchor to add it to your library.


Any time you add a resource, machine learning algorithms will help you annotate it with concepts. These concepts are Wikipedia articles.

Modify automatic annotations, add personnal hashtags and notes.


Explore by search, and by a novel interactive map where articles tackling similar concepts are close by.

Standing on the Shoulder of the Giants

Wikipedia Integration

We use Wikipedia articles as "concepts" to annotate resources. We estimated how similar artlicles are based on language analyis. This allows us to draw the map that you see, where similar concepts are close by. And much more in close future :).

Open, Inclusive, and Private.

We manage our code, features, and bug reports on GitHub. If you have quesions, ideas, or just want to say Hi! feel free to pass by our repository.

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We also have a blog where we frequently post project updates.

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